He doesn’t fight crime or hang out in a Batcave, but Santa has superpowers that would rival any comic book hero, according to Michael Dennin, a University of California, Irvine physics & astronomy professor who teaches the science of superheroes. He also co-hosts “Fascinating Fights,” a Web show that handicaps hypothetical battles between pop culture icons, such as Spider-Man vs. Batman and Dumbledore vs. Gandalf.

Recently, Dennin spoke with UCI’s Roy Rivenburg and Steve Chang and said he believed Santa has an edge over traditional caped crusaders.

“His only weakness is cookies and milk, but it doesn’t debilitate him like kryptonite,” Dennin said. “It’s merely a distraction.”

Continue reading for a scientific analysis of how Santa’s powers would stack up against various Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters like Superman and the Hulk.