They did it to match Trump’s policies, but for those of us who are on the side of truth, the information is still out there.

By Lola Gayle, Editor-at-large

According to ABC News and a host of other news agencies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s climate change website used to house extensive information on climate science and efforts to combat climate change. However, if you search their site for that information, guess what…you won’t find it.

Instead, you’ll find a page that says “this site is being updated.” What the F ?!?!?

epa website 2

Luckily, the sycophant bastards have provided a link to a version of the site that was archived on January 19 — you know…the day before the “Brainless Cantaloupe-Fleshed Know Nothing” took his little oath of office.

epa website 3

This follows a long list of other government sites doing the same damn thing. It’s really disheartening, but there may be something truly spiteful about the whole deal.

According to the ABC report, “Information on the EPA’s website has been used to call out inconsistent statements made by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who has said that he had doubt that carbon dioxide emitted by human activity was a primary cause of climate change.”

So because 97% of us know climate change is real and that much of it is human-induced, but “they” don’t want us to be able to call out the assholes in power. Nice move, Hitler.

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