By Lola Gayle, Editor-at-large

Today’s “What Is” topic covers the brown long-eared bat.

The brown long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus) is a fairly large European bat. It has distinctive ears, long and with a distinctive fold.

An adult brown long-eared bat has a body length of 4.5-4.8 cm, a tail of 4.1-4.6 cm, and a wing length of 4-4.2 cm. The ears are 3.3-3.9 cm in length.

They are relatively slow flyers compared to other bat species and prefer caves as roosting sites. However, they will also roost in trees holes, buildings and bat boxes.

Like most other bats, this species uses echolocation to find its prey. The frequencies used by this bat species for lie between 27–56 kHz, have most energy at 45 kHz and have an average duration of 2.5 ms.

Image Above: Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)